Fighting against homelessness, income inequality, and social injustice.

 Speaking at a rally in Downtown Salt Lake City, 1/20/17 photo courtesy of Salt Lake Tribune

Speaking at a rally in Downtown Salt Lake City, 1/20/17 photo courtesy of Salt Lake Tribune


Our Story

Ryan James Parker was born and raised in Orem city Utah on December 15, 1989. The eldest of 2, Ryan' s mother Rita Parker immigrated from Norway to the United States in the late 80's. As a single mother Rita instilled early on to her children the importance of work-ethic, and perseverance. Growing up Ryan developed a love of the arts, and also community activism. While attempting to avoid the perils of the Opioid Epidemic which has claimed the life of many of his friends and loved ones and trademarked the conservative region as "Happy Valley", Ryan attended Utah Valley Universtiy where he studied Liberal Arts. Few years later Ryan became a father and settled into family life, where he found work in various labor jobs such as lumber yards, and shipping docks understanding the importance of Unions, and worker rights while advocating for higher wages, and job training. 2 years later Ryan moved to Salt Lake City to pursue his childhood passion of Music. Shortly thereafter a successful 1st year with rave reviews and features in publications as SLUG magazine, Park City Television, and KRCL RadioActive, Ryan found his calling- Advocacy. Ryan began his Social Worker career as a Client Advocate at The Road Home. Providing shelter and resources to the wasatch front's homeless population, Ryan quickly found that he was able to be an assest to help assist those in most need to find access to services. Unfortunately Ryan also discovered that many of these resources were severely underfunded, under staffed, and heavily disconnected from organizations to government agencies. Ryan then started his pursuit alongside various other agencies seeking Affordable Housing across the region. Ryan also became involved with local activist groups such as "Utah Against Police Brutality", organizing sit-ins, emceeing rallies, and operating the groups Twitter page. During the beginning days of Operation Rio Grande ( a multi-level state initiative to combat criminal activity in homeless areas in downtown Salt Lake City) Ryan made it clear to address all improprieties, questionable motivations, and results of the initiative, at this time over 2,000 have been arrested 250 still remain in custody. Ryan has meticulously studied the legislative process for years, has given testimony at municipal and legislative hearings knows the way to finding solutions, is to have understanding of the problems. The importance of building coalitions, forging new alliances, and improving bureaucracies. Poverty, Income Inequality, Criminal Justice Reform can be meet with bipartisan support(or at least healthy political discord) when passion and logic are given a chance. Our citizens are demanding dignity, opportunity, and representation. Ryan James Parker has the experience, the tenacity, and the commitment to serve his constituents in the 24th district of Utah. Affordable Housing, inconclusionary zoning laws, allowing cities to raise their wages, increased education spending, police department accountability, access to substance abuse treatment, and environment regulation are platforms Ryan will continue to champion and push forward on Capitol Hill as he has done on the busy streets, and council chambers of Salt Lake City.

Ryan currently still serves the homeless population of Salt Lake City at The Road Home as a Client Advocate. 

Ryan sits on Salt Lake City's Housing Trust Fund Advisory Board working with developers to increase more low-income units.

Ryan is a regular speaker at city council meetings, and homeless forums, as well as can be seen at a many rallies alongside his group Utah Against Police Brutality and other allies.

Ryan is a former co-chair of the Utah Syringe Exchange Network advocating alongside UHRC founder Mindy Vincent, and Health Department wizard Heather Lewis for substance abuse treatment, harm reduction models, and Medicaid Expansion

Ryan is currently making music with his latest single "Rio Grande feat Ms. Shii" making its way to U92, KRCL RadioActive, PCTV and more!

Ryan currently lives in Downtown SLC, with his youngest daughter Serenity



Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.
— Martin Luther King Jr.